Good news from NASA: Asteroid will not kill us next month

Good news from NASA: Asteroid will not kill us next month

The world can breathe easier. At NASA, after a whole whirl of online rumors, they were forced to explain that a giant asteroid that can destroy most of North and South America does not rush to Earth.

Blogs and many news sites claim that an asteroid will collide with Earth in mid-to-late September near Puerto Rico, causing serious damage to the region.

The fact that this theory is completely unfounded was announced this week at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, trying to drown out the end of the world predictions.

"There is no reason and no evidence that any celestial body, including an asteroid, will fall to Earth in the near future," said Paul Chodas, the office manager of near-earth objects at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The laboratory explained that all known dangerous asteroids have a chance to collide with the Earth in the next 100 years in less than 0, 01%.

"If there was any large enough object to collide with the Earth in September, we would already be watching it," he said.

NASA noted that Doomsday theorists who made similar predictions in the past, including on the basis of the Mayan calendar, were mistaken.

"Again, there is no evidence that there is a celestial body that flies along a path that intersects with the Earth," said Chodas.

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