Message from small probe

Message from small probe

The Sprite Space Shifting Chip is now functioning perfectly and sending signals from the Earth's orbit. Of course, this is still far from the planned distance to Alpha Centauri, which is 24 trillion miles away. Scientists plan to use this technology to gather information and search for extraterrestrial life.

For the first 5 years, the mission will receive funding from investors from Silicon Valley. This is the initial amount of $ 100 million from Yuri Milner. Among the contributors are Stephen Hawking and Mark Zuckerberg.

Researchers know that space is replete with planets. The Kepler telescope found 2337, with about 50 of them located in the habitable zone. In size and shape resemble the Earth, and therefore can be potentially habitable.

But humanity cannot break through so far. Therefore, we need a spacecraft moving at light speed. Under normal conditions, a trip to Alpha Centauri will take tens of thousands of years. But small models can significantly reduce the time. For now, Proxima is the best target b. On the road it can take 20 years, as well as 4 more, to send pictures to Earth. Sprite technology fits perfectly. The device weighs only 4 grams! It has its own solar panel and sensors for collecting information and communication.

The first model in size reached the boot, but was broken when tested in the atmosphere. Several satellites were sent on June 23, but they do not respond. In the latter model, a hand-held antenna, an inexpensive USB radio and a PC were used for activation. Developers are trying to reduce it even more and come to a weight of 1 gram. And it will equip a sail.

The movement will be provided with an earth laser, which will increase the speed and eliminate the need to transport fuel. It is also important to create a more advanced communication system that will rely not on radio communications, but on a laser beam.

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