Rover met the 5000th Martian Dawn

Rover met the 5000th Martian Dawn

Before you canal, descending the Martian slope. This is the territory of the Valley of Perseverance - the area of ​​research for the Opportunity rover View transmits camera HiRISE, displaying the 5000th day

On February 17, the Sun illuminated the battery of the Martian rover Opportunity for the 5000th time. Initially, scientists hoped that the mission will take only 90 dawns, so the result of 5000 really fascinates.

Martian salts (day) last about 40 minutes longer than the earth, and 1 year is equal to our two. The first salt came during the landing of the rover on January 25, 2005. At first they counted on only 90 salt, because no one believed that the device could survive the winter on the Red Planet. The 5,000th sol will begin on February 16th and end on the 17th. Rover Opportunity will be able to watch the sunrise over the eastern edge of the Endeavor crater basin. The vehicle traveled 45 km from the landing point and produced 225,000 images of surface features.

The mission was remarkable for the exploration of Mars, because already in the first months it found evidence of the presence of the necessary conditions for life. In 2011, Opportunity reached the crater Endeavor. Now with the help of the rover learn the processes that formed the Valley of Perseverance.

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