Opportunity walks along the edge of the crater

Opportunity walks along the edge of the crater

Pancam's camera on the rover took a photo while walking over the top of the Valley of perseverance.

NASA's Opportunity Mars Rover is exploring a rock on the border of Endeavor crater. Its purpose is to determine whether the wind or the stream were involved in the transport of the fragments. These are the most realistic options considered.

Scientists are going to lower the apparatus down the Valley of perseverance after a preliminary review. Now the rover has activated the control mechanism on the rear wheels (it is not on the front left since it has recently jammed).

The mission has been exploring locations on the western side of the Endeavor crater (stretching 22 km wide) since 2011. This “walk” intends to look at what is located above the valley. At the top of the ridge, a wide notch is noticeable, and in the western part, elongated spots are aligned. Researchers are interested in whether these stones were originally here or brought them in a stream. Below was a lake. Therefore, the flood could transport stones, break through to the edge and flow into the crater. It would cut the valley on the inside. Or it’s all about the impact that created the crater, and the rock fragments filled the fractures. A more accurate answer will appear after studying the rocks along the edges of a possible channel. The valley covers two football fields in size.

A breakdown with the left front wheel occurred on June 4 (it turned out 30 degrees). Each of the 6 wheels has its own drive motor. In April 2005, the right steering wheel also failed.

On June 17, they diagnosed and fixed the problem with the left wheel. But so far it is not planned to use it, since the rear ones successfully cope with the steering function.

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