NASA’s new project will start looking for alien life

NASA’s new project will start looking for alien life

Artistic vision of habitable exoplanets

NASA is launching a new research partnership to engage in an active search for life beyond Earth. This includes those forms that are different from the usual for our planet.

The project “Network for the detection of life” will combine the new NASA center dedicated to astrobiology with academic scientists. Together they must understand how life began on Earth and where it will be found in the Universe.

It is extremely foolish to search for a habitable planet at random. Scientists are convinced that we need tools and strategies specifically designed to search for life in the unique conditions of other worlds that are different from the Earth and each other. Another research center in the project is to focus on how to fix bio signatures (life imprints) of any life form, even if it does not fit into our understanding. The third center will study the oceanic worlds. And they will consider both current situations (ice satellites in the outer solar system), and they will affect the past, like the ancient Mars.

Although the project covers only three groups, NASA expects to attract several more groups in the next couple of years to expand the study. Only having connected scientific knowledge and engineering developments, it will turn out to study this question in depth.

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