New hot Jupiter with a short orbital period

New hot Jupiter with a short orbital period

An international group of astronomers discovered a new hot Jupiter, whose orbital period takes only 3.47 days. The giant planet KELT-20b revolves around the star HD 185603 (KELT-20). For the search used the telescope KELT-North (Arizona).

The observational process lasted from May to November 2014 and made it possible to determine KELT-20b as a candidate for exoplanet status. It took time to search for information in the archives, as well as the Gaia parallax, Doppler tomography and adaptive optical imaging to confirm the guess.

The radius of KELT-20b is 1.73 times higher than that of Jupiter, and 3.5 times higher in mass. Spends 3.47 days on the orbital path, separating by 0.05 a. e. The average temperature is 2261 K.

New hot Jupiter with a short orbital period

Above: Measuring KELT-20b with the best model (red). Bottom: Measure RV with Femeris. The predicted effect is shown in phase 0.25.

According to the parameters, the object coincides with the category “hot Jupiter”, whose orbital periods do not exceed 10 days. Scientists note that among all representatives, this is the most unusual planet.

The fact is that the host star is incredibly bright (V ~ 7.6) and red-hot (8700 K). Because of its proximity, the planet receives a huge amount of stellar radiation, especially in ultraviolet waves, which is why it is of interest to study.

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