Georgian wines

Georgian wines

For almost everyone, the words “Georgia” and “winemaking” are almost equivalent. The peculiarity lies in the fact that the Georgian Republic never bought a wine mash and grapes, the republic itself possesses a huge amount of grapes and vineyards and is capable of creating a large amount of wine mash. The number of countries in which Georgian wine is imported has exceeded 40 units, each year Georgia sells more than 40 million bottles abroad, approximately the same amount is consumed domestically. The main exporters of Georgian wine in the CIS are Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus; These countries account for almost 80% of Georgia’s total wine exports.

Wine Appearance in Georgia

Georgia is the birthplace of world winemaking, because it was here that grapes were first cultivated. The excavations only confirm the important role of Georgia in the history of world winemaking. A huge number of things, one way or another connected with winemaking, have been found by archaeologists: including various wooden and stone presses, crushers, containers, accessories. Georgian winemaking was able to survive even the invasion of Tamerlan; it successfully survived cataclysms, droughts and floods.

Kakheti is the center of Georgian winemaking. It was in Kakheti that came up with Kveri. Kveri are cone-shaped containers, which are buried in the ground. Georgian winemakers believe that in this case, the fermentation is the best way.

Features of Georgian grapes

About 500 grape varieties grow in Georgia. The most popular varieties are Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane, Tsolikauri, Tsitska, Goruli. The varieties of Aleksandrouli, Saperavi, Ojaleshi and Mudjuretuli are used for red wine.

Most Popular Brands

What can you buy in the liquor store of Georgian wine? If you see Kindzmarauli, you can take it safely. A good solution would be to buy a bottle of Saperavi. Try the great taste of Khvanchkara, Tsinandali, Tbilisuri wines - all these are classic Georgian winemaking.

Georgian winemaking traditions will not leave you indifferent, as if you have never been immersed in this topic, and if you are already a very experienced taster. It does not matter whether you once drank Georgian wine, or not - you will not remain indifferent. Fine, full-bodied Georgian wines can be a good gift for a boss, colleague or relative, a bottle of high-quality Georgian wine will help improve the evening and make it less languid. The full-bodied taste of Georgian wine will not leave indifferent either a woman or a man.

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