A rare form of a black hole could be lost in the Milky Way

A rare form of a black hole could be lost in the Milky Way

Artistic vision of a black hole

A team of researchers believe that they managed to find a rare black hole the size of Jupiter in the Milky Way. Of course, scientists are not able to see black holes directly, but in a new study studying the structure of the celestial cloud, we managed to notice strange behavior. Most likely, the reason served as an invisible object. Information was obtained using the ALMA submillimeter array — a set of 66 telescopes located in the desert in northern Chile.

The point is that the observed gas showed obvious orbital motions indicating the presence of an invisible massive object. The researchers used ALMA to study two gas clouds. They were first discovered in May 2018, and because of the form they called it “Balloon and Flow”. During the review period, the team recorded a strange movement of gas rotating around the center. The movement allowed to determine that in the center there is an invisible object with a mass of 30,000 solar, packed in the size of Jupiter. These characteristics and the absence of light suggest that the culprit is a black hole of medium size.

Tiny and supermassive black holes are a common phenomenon in space, but not much is known about the representatives of average parameters. Scientists think that they managed to find two such black holes near the center of the Milky Way. Researchers continue to monitor all three objects in order to determine their connection (or absence) with the central supermassive black hole.

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