The moon may be the key to exploring deep space

The moon may be the key to exploring deep space

This is a composite snapshot of the approximate moon, acquired in June 2009 by the LRO. Note the presence of dark areas of the seas.

A scientist from the University of Central Florida believes that the secrets of deep exploration of space can be hidden in the moon. Therefore, Phil Metzger is developing a process capable of producing moon ice that will help create rocket fuel on the surface of our satellite.

The success of the idea would realize the desire to launch rockets directly from the moon, which will increase the possibility of space travel. The cost of flights is based primarily on the launch of rocket engines. If you do this from space, you can significantly reduce costs.

However, some believe that sending hardware to a satellite may be ineffective, because SpaceX has developed and successfully uses a system of reuse of launch vehicles, which is why the price is so reduced. Experts report that the use of ready-made, created on the moon, the propellant will be much cheaper than production from deep earth wells. The analysis shows a reduction in the price of space transportation by 5 times.

This idea is part of a 30-year project involving 204 people living and working in space between the Moon and the Earth by 2046. To implement this, you need a sustainable source of resources. In fact, the moon will become a kind of gas station and a point of rest before the next goal.

In addition, the scientist says that the development of the idea will create a strong competitor for SpaceX. Now the team is trying to find a way to extract ice at the moon poles. The original idea was to penetrate the surface with a drill, pump heat and collect steam. Then it can be divided into hydrogen and oxygen. In addition, the use of lunar resources will reduce the burden on the earth's ecology.

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