Call the aliens! Aliens can use stars to communicate

Call the aliens! Aliens can use stars to communicate

Last year, scientists were amazed by the first reviews of the events of the merger of double stars. Of course, it would be much more shocking to receive a signal from aliens. Is there a connection here? A new study claims that observing the fusion of binary stars could be the key to detecting extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI). After all, it is logical to assume that developed life forms can use unusual cosmic spectacles for us to attract attention.

Scientists decided to consider how technologically advanced alien civilization outside of our galaxy is capable of creating bright signals provoked by colliding neutron stars.

The main idea is that the aliens have the ability to predict the merging of a binary neutron star in another place of the native galaxy with a large number of warning signs. We manage to notice this due to the fact that many neutron stars act as pulsars creating a light jet. Therefore, we are able to track their interaction in binary systems.

Call the aliens! Aliens can use stars to communicate

Artistic vision of brilliant visible light after the merger of two neutron stars

Next, the aliens will need to create a signal relating to this collision (coded message in the jet). Researchers are already dreaming of creating cosmic gravitational wave detectors capable of observing collisions over the years ahead. The main thing is that the signal is powerful enough to attract our attention and make the telescopes turn towards the source. Calculations show that with a hypothetical remoteness of someone else's mind at a distance of 130 million light years, it will take terawatts of energy to fuel the work of the largest SKA interferometer.

Of course, all this makes sense if the aliens exist, and they dream of contacting us. But scientists believe in this opportunity, because all intelligent civilizations have a need to leave information behind. Moreover, the detection of gravitational waves from colliding neutron stars forced all astronomers on Earth to activate, which means that someone could use this to transmit a signal.

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