Meteorites will help search for life on Mars

Meteorites will help search for life on Mars

Meteorite from Nullarbor Plain (South Australia). He was found in 2017 during the annual meteorite expedition.

Scientists from Monash University have conducted a new study that states that meteorites can serve as evidence of Martian life.

The researchers understood the chemical composition of rocks and realized that this factor affects the development of microbial groups. The data was based on a study of bacteria and archaea living in meteorites found on the Nullarbor plain.

This is an important finding, since it proves that microorganisms are able to contact astromaterials to maintain metabolism. Here are two main ideas. Life is able to travel in cosmic debris from alien planets torn by large-scale blows. Moreover, by landing in another world, these organisms can not only survive, but also colonize the planet. Or we are faced with a kind of prebiotic pantry, which supplies all the necessary ingredients for the origin of life in a new location. Earlier, this version of the origin of life was not considered, since it concentrates on the interaction of astromaterials and alien biosphere.

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