William Shatner sends a message to Voyager

William Shatner sends a message to Voyager

On the 40th anniversary of launch, the Voyager Apparatus will receive a message from earthlings by a famous actor

On Tuesday, NASA announced the winner of the contest for sending a message to Voyager. We are approaching the 40th anniversary of the launch of the apparatus, exploring the outer planets, and now burst into interstellar space.

As a speaker, they chose the famous actor William Shatner, who played the role of Captain Kirk in Star Trek. The winner was Oliver Jenkins, who wrote: “We offer friendship through the stars, you are not alone.” Contestants were supposed to offer the best goodwill message with up to 60 characters.

The ship was sent in 1977 from Cape Canaveral (Florida). He needed to explore the solar gas giants. But that's not all. A gold plate is fixed on board, on which earthly culture was recorded (songs, pictures and messages).

In 2012, Voyager-1 was distant by 13 billion miles from our planet and entered the territory of interstellar space. Voyager 2 follows him.

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