Interstellar: a missed opportunity. Movie Review

Interstellar: a missed opportunity. Movie Review

On the one hand, I was impressed with Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar". This is truly an epic movie with remarkable visual effects, thanks to which the author managed to convey elements of astrophysics to a wide audience. This was an attempt to demonstrate the tenets of astronomical science in the form accessible to the layman. But this picture can never be compared with the film of the same director "The Dark Knight: Revival of a Legend".

The reason why I left the cinema in disarray was not even numerous scientific blunders, the fact is that the storyline and script seemed at least ridiculous and clumsy.

General analysis of the tape

As was to be expected, Matthew McConaughey in the title role was convincing, emotional and deep. However, the same can be said about Anne Hathaway in the role of Amelia Brand. In general, the cast at the height. Also noted was Michael Kane, Amelia's father and professor, thanks to his reasoning about physics and quotes from Dylan Thomas.

In addition, in the process of viewing we hear the stories of all the characters, especially their family life and problems. However, some of these lyrical digressions were somewhat exaggerated, but this, perhaps, can be forgiven. However, these descriptions have significantly spoiled the impression of the overall plot. The Oscar-winning actors did not manage to convince me otherwise.

Lenta "Interstellar" failed to become a model of perfect science fiction. That is the reason for my annoyance: the film had tremendous potential, which in the end was wasted.

We must investigate

The story originates in the distant future on the territory of the perishing Earth. There are no means left to conduct space exploration of space, life on Earth is the numerous diseases and hunger that are triggered by the planet’s altered climate. The moral of the fable is obvious: if we stop gaining knowledge, we will die. Everything is very simple! NASA was forced to go into the "underground" and become a kind of secret organization. This was due to the fact that Congress significantly reduced funding for the American Space Agency, as the public is opposed to the costs of such irrelevant research. But, the organization is still functioning, is engaged in the construction of rockets for the benefit of the salvation of mankind.

Perhaps here the plot of the film hints at the real problem of financing NASA projects, which have recently been increasingly canceled due to underestimation by the government. Interstellar is demonstrating this problem at a time when Engineer Cooper hit his daughter’s teacher for saying that there were never landings on the Moon and the Apollo spacecraft are just "useless machines."

Although this idea permeates the entire film, many have begun to come up with some incredible interpretations of the plot.

The future of the Earth according to Interstellar is the conquest of outer space

Professor Mark claims that the only hope of mankind is the flight of a spacecraft led by Cooper through a wormhole, which was discovered 50 years ago. The purpose of this expedition is to discover and study potentially inhabited worlds in other galaxies. By the way, Cooper was a test pilot, the best at NASA, until he got into an accident during a test flight, for which he was fired from control.

By the way, before sending, Cooper needed only to say goodbye to his family and explain to the sobbing daughter Murph that he was going to save the planet. And goodbye, Earth! Apparently, in the future, astronauts will not need any preparation before carrying out a space flight. And the whole film is full of such incomprehensible moments, leaving the public in a complete lack of understanding of what just happened.


As soon as Cooper, Amalee Brand, and the rest of the crew, hastily jumped onto the spacecraft in the direction of Saturn, the viewer was quickly informed about the essence of cryogenics. And the point is that cryogenic technology at the moment is the main trend in the development of future science, to which we still have to come in order to be able to make long interplanetary travel. At this moment I felt happy: I found what I was looking for!

Each of the new crew members slipped to their high-tech bath, in which they supposedly sleep for 2 years. However, Cooper, it turned out, was not immersed in a cryovision. Suddenly the ship "Andurans" has already arrived at Saturn to the wormhole, and Cooper still continues to receive messages from home. Was he even in this 2-year-old dream? It is necessary to state that there was not a hint of a dream in the film. Even the ridiculous text at the bottom of the screen "2 years later" did not do its job.

These terrible plot holes caused me a terrible annoyance because I had to adjust the "focus" almost every 5 minutes.

The image of gravity of the Earth, which was modeled with the help of a rotating spacecraft, is worthy of special attention. One can only wonder how the crew managed to transfer the dizzying motion of the Endurance ship without an attack of motion sickness and with the immediate restoration of artificial gravity.

Arriving at the wormhole

The crew finally arrived at the mouth of the wormhole: a beautiful digital ball with the refracted rays of starlight from other galaxies. After a brief excursion into the theory of the work of the wormhole (another amazing moment of the film in which you can understand that Cooper taught a lesson in physics, which seemed to have more meaning before the start of the expedition to save humanity). Then you can watch the endurance race through the wormhole and explosions. Exactly like on a roller coaster in an amusement park, we ride through a wormhole. I confess, for a moment forgetting about science, I sincerely enjoyed this part of the film. But, of course, the moment of the mole's passage was made for people far from physics, but the trip turned out to be more than exciting. Visual effects were better than any part of Star Trek.

I understand perfectly well that walkable wormholes are unlikely at best, I also know that installing a spacecraft would not have endured such a flight. But what can I say: a sci-fi film! The trip came out wow!

By the way, the exciting moments in the film appeared again and again, for which it is worth saying thanks to the crew, who led endless philosophical conversations about space, time and love. Love knows no bounds? Does she not exist in all spaces? Amelia Brand is convinced that there are no boundaries. Without a doubt, these conversations became a contrived basis for the start of Cooper's self-knowledge after returning home.

Interstellar: a missed opportunity. Movie Review

Theoretical physicist Kip Thorn shows several equations on the board of actress Jessica Chastain

I was extremely excited before I had to see the black hole, which the crew kindly nicknamed "Gargantuan". This was largely provoked by the fact that it would be the most realistic image of a black hole in cinema history.

The black hole in Interstellar is the best incarnation of the Black Hole with a science fiction story.

Unfortunately, Nolan once again left me confused: why such details were needed. So, one of the most famous black hole experts in the world, Kip Thorn, was called to help create this action, but what's the point if the tape is for the most part absolutely not claiming scientific credibility? It is annoying. Another interesting point is that only Cooper was not aware of the presence of a black hole, unlike the entire crew and NASA in general. Did they really leave the Earth in such a hurry that they did not have time to inform the head pilot that they would meet a black hole on their way? I understand that it is necessary to convey information to the viewer gradually, but it turned out somehow not very. The main character even more began to look like an ignorant chump.

One of the worlds visited by the crew was covered with water. Visually, this picture was very convincing. But at the time of the search for the flight recorder, the crew members, who were knee-deep in the water, constantly fought with waves a mile high, with absolutely inexplicable waves.

Slowing down time

Now, perhaps, I can explain why the waves were so big, the fact is that the planet rotated around the tidal shift of a black hole far beyond the horizon of events. Gargantua is actually a rapidly rotating black hole that can affect the degree of stability of planetary orbits. That was my mistake.

Inside the black hole, the crew has a new problem: time dilation. So, people on planet Earth are in a weaker gravitational field than Cooper and company. Every hour spent on the planet of arrival was equal to 7 years on Earth. This is in some way a variation of the Einstein twins paradox with the knowledge that time is a commodity. I managed to enjoy this moment of the film, because I felt Cooper's fear that the more time he spent on this planet, the more years he would separate him from his family.


The general tenets of Einstein’s theory of relativity say that time will work differently for different observers within and outside the gravity well. The closer the observer to the object, the slower the time will go. The daily example is a small time difference, which is compensated by GPS satellites: time runs faster in orbit than on Earth. But if time slowed down so much, you can wonder how the team managed to survive in such a deep gravity well. But wait a minute, how is this planet still generally there? The black hole should have ripped it to shreds.

Great, this is just fantastic.

Instead of continuing to repeat to myself that this film is monstrously not grounded from the point of view of science, I decided to stop. I threw the entire planetary dynamics into the box with the inscription "These worlds and the advertised black hole were originally not even science fiction, but just fantasy." So I managed to leave my ivory science tower and try again to return to the pleasure of watching a movie.

Matt Damon Appears

For me, the appearance of Damon's character, Dr. Mann, was unnecessary. Mann was needed for even more drama. By and large, Mann is a bad and cowardly person.

Another lesson from Nolan about the irrelevance of humanity

As if the drama was not enough: the study of black holes, alien worlds, the search for meaning in life and multidimensional theory. Of course, Matt Damon was needed here to bring in some more chaos. At this point, my patience was exhausted!

Interstellar: What is the size of the Universe?

Visually, Nolan perfectly managed to portray multidimensional space; worlds that are wrapped in worlds and an infinite number of different possibilities. It was really great, a pity that by this point in the film I was already rather annoyed.

It's over

I will simply say that at the end of the session I sighed for the hundredth time and rolled my eyes, gathered the strength to get up and, limping, to leave the cinema. Of course, I have more critical comments, but there are reasons for praise. The potential was great, but apparently there was no tandem between science and art. Well, for those who have already watched this stunning film, I offer you other films about space.

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