Is it possible to seal the frame pool by yourself?

Is it possible to seal the frame pool by yourself?

Sooner or later, owners of frame pools will have such a problem as water leakage due to damage to the bowl. What to do if you find a hole? We will try to give the most detailed and detailed advice on the repair of the frame pool in this article.

How to do this?

The first thing to do is drain all the water from the pool. Place a puncture or a cut, it is desirable to somehow mark it before (you can use a marker) so that it can be easily found later. The material of the bowl is thoroughly dried in the sun or with a hair dryer. To start the repair, we need a few special things - as a rule, they are included in the repair kit, which is sold complete with a pool or separately, but you can also use suitable means at hand.

Required Materials

We take a PVC patch (preferably 2 pieces), fine sandpaper, glue (you can take the “Moment Crystal”), a marker and a cloth soaked in gasoline.

Now the place of a puncture we grind a little with an emery paper that the patch material and a pool bowl could well grab. Then you need to outline the gasket at the slot, which we will use, with a marker on the material that we will glue.

The size of the patch should be 2-3 centimeters more from the hole itself. Please note that it will be much more effective to glue the cut from 2 sides - internal and external. If to seal only on the one hand, 50% of durability at once will be lost. Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of a re-breakthrough in a damaged place, it is better to be safe and do it twice as well. Then it is necessary to degrease the gasket and the circumference of the material near the puncture site with a cloth moistened with gasoline. Let's wait until it dries out.

Proper glue application

Apply glue to the puncture site with a small layer, the procedure is repeated with a patch. You need to wait a little (about 10 minutes) to dry the glue layer. Re-apply a thin layer of glue, wait 3-5 minutes. Now put the gasket in place, which we outlined, and press it as much as possible. For greater effect, you can heat the patch with a hair dryer so that the glue melts a little. But if you sand the site of damage with sandpaper, this is not necessary. It is recommended to put some flat load on top for a few hours.

It is recommended to use the pool not earlier than 12 hours after gluing so that the glue can dry enough and the patch does not peel off.

If you had such a disaster, and a hole appeared in the pool, you can use the above tips and continue to enjoy the cool water on hot days. Suddenly, it’s still not possible to repair the frame pool by yourself - you can consider buying a frame pool with delivery. Manufacturers are constantly improving the models and materials of the frame, which allows them to be more reliable, more practical and durable.

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