An explosion in the laboratory! Scientists have created a powerful internal magnetic field

An explosion in the laboratory! Scientists have created a powerful internal magnetic field

If you want to break the science record, why not back it up with a powerful explosion? In April, a research team from the University of Tokyo decided to follow this advice and create the world's most powerful magnetic field and at the same time produce a spectacular explosion.

The explosion of the device was not something unexpected, and scientists predicted a similar outcome of the event. However, they could not imagine how strong the magnetic field would be. The magnetic field strength is measured in tesla (T - in honor of inventor Nikola Tesla). In everyday life, we encounter this value of less than 3T in loudspeakers and up to 12T in MRI machines. Interestingly, scientists used to use a 16T magnetic field to levitate animals, like frogs.

The lead researcher of the new project said that they had created an iron body of the new tool to withstand the power of 700T, but the actual power exceeded expectations by 42% and provided 1200T. This was not ready. The video can be viewed at the time of the explosion.

To achieve the goal, the team used the electromagnetic flow compression method. They attached their device, generating a static magnetic field of 3.2T to a number of capacitors, creating a large energy volume (3.2 MJ). Due to this, the magnetic field is compressed into a tiny area at an incredibly high speed. But it is not able to linger in such a state for a long time, it bounces back, forming a shock wave that breaks the instrument.

Fortunately, the explosion did not seem dangerous. With magnetic fields above 1000T you can discover interesting possibilities. In such a state it turns out to observe the movement of electrons outside the material medium in which they are usually located. Therefore, it is possible to study them in a completely new light and explore new types of electronic devices.

Such a power of fusion in the process of energy production is considered to be the holy grail, due to greater safety and purity than burning fossil fuels. Scientists do not stop and plan to create a more powerful magnetic field of 1500T.

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