Amazingly Ordered Cosmic Magnetic Fields

Amazingly Ordered Cosmic Magnetic Fields

Turbulent processes in galaxies create large-scale magnetic fields, which often represent the most common structure on a large scale. Galaxies, like the Milky Way, are considered to be relatively flat objects, and therefore are depicted as disks. Earlier it was believed that magnetic fields are inside a disk trap. But new information from the Super Large Antenna Grid shows that this is not the case. Here the same principle is repeated as in the earth's magnetic field: the galactic magnetic field extends from the disk to the intergalactic medium, that is, into the space between the galaxies.

Supernovae are responsible for generating

Galactic magnetic fields are formed due to numerous stellar explosions, the consequences of which persist for hundreds of millions of years. Collected energy bursts of supernovae create galactic magnetic fields. Due to the fact that stellar explosions are chaotic processes, scientists did not expect that they would be able to create magnetic fields with an ordered structure on a large scale. But this is exactly what the studies show on the example of several galaxies. However, the main mechanisms are still a mystery.

For the analysis used the technology of digitization. This made it possible to combine the information of several radio antennas and perform measurements with greater sensitivity and in a wider frequency band.

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