We celebrate the 40th anniversary of Voyager-1

We celebrate the 40th anniversary of Voyager-1

NASA celebrates the 40th anniversary of the operation of the Voyager Apparatus 1. The agency notifies people on social networks, calling for a small message to be sent to a fearless interstellar traveler. You can send a message until August 15.

The procedure resembles a competition, where the best message of up to 60 characters will be selected and sent to Voyager-1 on September 5.

Now the probe is 13 billion miles away from us and is considered the most distant artificial apparatus. Also, he was the first to break through into interstellar space, where the solar influence loses its power. The device started on September 5, 1977, and his brother Voyager-2 went two weeks earlier. Both missions were to study giant planets.

We celebrate the 40th anniversary of Voyager-1

Saturn and its rings. This is one of the famous images that show off the wonders of our system.

Voyager 2 was launched first, but its trajectory is slower, therefore distant by 11 billion miles.

Their informational contribution is impressive. After all, Voyager-1 was the first to capture the lightning bolt on Jupiter. In addition, they found extraterrestrial oceans.

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