Second attempt to run TESS

Second attempt to run TESS

Picture released April 18, 2018 from SpaceX. Before us is the Falcon 9 rocket, on which the TESS exoplanet search satellite is located.

The new NASA exoplanet hunt is preparing for the second launch attempt. SpaceX rocket plans to launch on April 18 from Cape Canaveral (Florida). The first launch was to be held on April 16, but it was postponed in order to perform an additional technical check.

Once in orbit, TESS will begin tracking the hundreds of thousands of nearby stars to find planets on which life can be found. Scientists believe that the device will be able to detect thousands of worlds literally in our backyard, continuing the work of the Kepler space telescope.

The planets Kepler found are too distant and weak for direct observation. However, TESS will focus on the nearest exoplanets, which will allow to study the atmosphere.

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