Quasars quench the stars?

Quasars quench the stars?

Artistic interpretation of the heart of a quasar

In our universe there are large-scale galaxies filled with extinct stars. But 12 billion years ago it was hot active territory. Why did they become dead zones?

Scientists offer a new hint to solve this problem and hint at quasars. These are powerful energy sources that could affect the galactic ability to form new objects.

About quasars and supermassive black holes, too little data has been collected, but it can be assumed that they have a strong influence on the environment. To do this, the researchers followed the quasars inside the four active galaxies.

Because of their energy, quasars constantly push gases and dust out of galaxies, that is, they deprive stars of materials for their formation. In dusty places, they are difficult to detect because particles block light. But our inability to find them does not say that they are not there. The team used the ALMA array in 2016 to search for quasars, and then compared the data with the indicators of other telescopes (they used all the varieties). All data confirmed the presence of some objects. Why are these specimens visible?

It is believed that in every galaxy there is a “clean place” where the light from the quasar manages to escape to our lenses. Of course, the exact shape and type is difficult to determine, because even ALMA cannot peer so far. But it is believed that such galaxies can form in the form of a donut.

So we do not see most of the quasars, because they are turned to us with a dusty side and hidden. But the presence of the found four indicates that there are a huge number of them in the Universe.

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