Southern Cross: Awesome Images of Astrophotographers

Southern Cross: Awesome Images of Astrophotographers

Like many other astrophotographers, Greg Redfern takes pictures of the night sky, but a unique view from a ship in the ocean gives a special style to his images.

“I lectured on astrocosmos on cruise ships, and took all my astrophotographic enthusiasm at sea with me, and the results were pleasantly pleased,” Redfern wrote in an e-mail to

Redfern took this snapshot of the Southern Cross on February 17, 2016, while aboard the Azamara Quest in the Coral Sea Great Barrier Reef. The image shows the Charcoal Bag, the Southern Cross, Eta Carina, and various young star clusters, including the Milky Way. Also there are many dusty swirls that are perfectly visible. The four main stars constellations Southern Cross are Acrux, Bakrux, Gacrux and Delta Crookis. Like the Big Dipper in the north, the Southern Cross indicates the location of the pole and is often used in navigation.

For this wide-angle shot, Redfern used a Nikon 14mm f / 2.8 ISO 5000 camera, and his images also depend on sea conditions.

“If the ocean is not calm, I don’t even try to get a picture until the sea has clouds and suitable weather conditions,” he said.

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