Alien overboard! What did the NASA astronaut see?

Alien overboard! What did the NASA astronaut see?

Not to worry, as the invasion of alien invaders is not yet planned. Former NASA astronaut Leland Melvin is known for his work in space and a charming picture with faithful dogs. But recently, he again attracted the attention of an unusual message on Twitter, where he mentioned a strange wonder, seen in space.

It all started with a question from Scott Waring, the founder of the popular UFO blog. He wanted to know what Melvin thinks about the possibility of the existence of a reasonable alien life in the solar system and whether he himself had seen something similar.

Melvin spent more than 565 hours in space. He replied that he personally never saw a UFO on Earth or in space. But he also added: “I think I noticed something organic / alien. It floated out of the payload compartment. ” He further wrote that when they, together with Randolph Breznik, came to Earth, they asked about the find. NASA explained that this is ice breaking a freon hose. Melvin described the recollection as a “translucent, curved and organic look,” adding an alien to the message in the message.

Waring happily exclaimed and asked if NASA could have lied about the real nature of the object. The astronaut replied: “Hmmmm ... I don't think so, but you can't be 100% sure.” Of course, the ice sounds like the most reasonable explanation. Melvin’s last mission took place on the Atlantis shuttle in 2009, and since then the Martians or other space races have not yet attempted to take over our planet. But conspiracy theorists continue to follow the sky.

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