Will the Sun Become a Black Hole

Will the Sun Become a Black Hole

Neighborhood with a black hole is not the safest option for any space object. In the end, these mysterious formations are so attractive that even the light cannot escape. But can the sun once become a black hole and how it will turn for earthlings?

They are waiting in the darkness of the universe

Black holes interest scientists and terrify ordinary citizens because we still don’t know exactly what we’ve encountered. Of course, we have certain knowledge and they all scare, because these objects literally tear apart the stars and absorb the material. What's next?

Where does the eaten matter disappear? After all, there is the universal energy conservation law, where nothing arises from emptiness and does not disappear into it. Then is it a portal to another universe? No answers yet. We can only assure you that you are at a critical distance and you can say goodbye to the familiar world. Is there a threat for the inhabitants of the Earth?

The birth of a black hole

Will the Sun Become a Black Hole

One of the black holes close to us (V404 Cygnus) is 7800 thousand years distant, although some scientists believe it is located at a distance of 1600 light years. In any case, it does not affect us yet and no catastrophes are foreseen. There are 4 scenarios for the birth of a black hole, among which two are hypothetical and still need to be verified. Among the confirmed variants take into account compression of a star with large massiveness or compression of a protogalactic gas or part of a galactic territory.

How will the sun die?

Will the Sun Become a Black Hole

The Dead Sun will turn into a white dwarf

If we consider our own star, then we are interested in the compression variant of a massive star. Will it work for the sun? This is a star of average massiveness, which can die in three versions: a black hole, a white dwarf and a neutron star.

To become a black hole, a stellar object must exceed the Oppenheimer-Volkov limit (1.6-3 solar masses). The most realistic fate of the Sun is the transformation in white dwarf (final stage), after which the formation of a black dwarf. However, one cannot exclude all options.

The sun as a black hole

Will the Sun Become a Black Hole

Astrophysicists believe that black holes can appear from any objects in a critical state. There is an opinion that it is enough to Sun to shrink to a radius of 6 km, as it transforms into a black hole (by the way, for Earth this hypothetical limit is 5 see!). But what will this black hole be? The most common variant is believed to be the Kerr black hole. She performs revolutions, keeping the rotation of the dead star. In fact, this is a good option for us, because around the horizon of the event is a special area - ergosphere.

Inside this ergosphere, cosmic bodies continue to rotate. Theoretically, the planets will rotate around the formed black hole, as they used to do around the Sun.


Most likely, we are not sucked into a black hole. But there are no special reasons to rejoice, because we have lost the only source of heat and light. Imagine the planet plunging into darkness and cold. But the chances for this scenario are too insignificant, so you should rather prepare for the hellish heat and evaporation of the oceans.

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