Falcon Heavy rocket prepares for second flight in March

Falcon Heavy rocket prepares for second flight in March

On February 6, 2018, the SpaceX company launched the Falcon Heavy rocket from the site 39A of the Kennedy Space Center, NASA. It was the first flight for a heavy-duty rocket.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy giant rocket is able to start in 5 weeks, if everything goes according to plan. So far reported approximate date - March 7. This will be the second launch for the rocket. This week, the company has applied for permission to start.

The launch will take place from the historic site 39A in the Kennedy Space Center (Florida), which served as the starting point for the Apollo lunar launches and the shuttle program. The rocket will be present 6.6-ton communication satellite Arabsat 6A for Saudi Arabia. In the first flight, made in February 2018, the Tesla car with a dummy behind the wheel, which went into orbit around the Sun, was used as the payload. Falcon Heavy - a two-stage rocket with a reusable first stage. The first stage is represented by the first three stages of the Falcon 9 rocket (a modified central core and two side amplifiers).

Three accelerators are designed to land on the earth's surface and again come off of it (the second stage is not reused). During the February mission, two side accelerators performed a landing in Zone 1 (Cape Canaveral Air Force). The base accelerator attempted to land at sea on the platform, but failed.

Falcon Heavy - the most powerful rocket today. The launcher is capable of taking about 70.5 tons of cargo into near-earth orbit.

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