Restart of the Russian cargo ship

Restart of the Russian cargo ship

On February 13, Russia sent an unmanned cargo ship Progress to the ISS after two days before it had to postpone the launch.

Soyuz launch vehicle took off from the snow-covered Baikonur cosmodrome (Kazakhstan) at 11:15. A few minutes later she reached the orbit. As a cargo, dry supplies, fuel, water and oxygen are transported. Also on board are the instruments for the pilot project ICARUS - animal tracking system. It is going to be placed on the outer surface of the station.

Initially, Progress was planned to be sent on February 11, but at the last minute the start was postponed to February 13 due to a mysterious problem. The agency reported the need to replace the computer.

Consequences of interrupted start

It was believed that Progress should start on February 11 and get to the ISS in record time at 3 o'clock. For the matching also planned to use the new scheme. But on Tuesday I had to focus on a 2-day trip, so the docking should take place on Thursday.

Now there are 6 employees on the ISS, including cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov and Alexander Misurkin.

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