3 ways to hit your friends with astronomy

3 ways to hit your friends with astronomy

I have been participating in an astronomical conference held annually in the Holy Grail for many years. During this long period of time, I managed to talk with the pros of my business and ask them how to hit people with this science.

Our Universe is a big sensation

Many people are looking for some hint of a sensation in space, but our space is one big sensation! This may be too boring for some, although in fact the statement is quite intriguing. However, if you want to publicize and publish your own news in a local newspaper, then you need to talk about something specific: black holes, matter, the northern lights, etc.

You must be true to this science, because it is very difficult to convince the editor of the publication that they should print YOUR news / story exactly, putting it on the front page. If you manage to do this, then take care of the name. It plays one of the most important roles in the further popularity of the article.

Look for something close to home

If you are a member of the astronomy club and participate in general gathering, then when calling your friends to look at the sky, be very careful. Not everyone can agree to go somewhere 50 km from the city to admire the starry sky, which is more than 15 million years old. Keep it simple. Many will admire the usual Moon near your house, because it is no less beautiful. This is my advice to you, which will increase the chances to surprise your guests and bring them some entertainment, showing visually exciting objects. The latter are most likely under the nose.

Know your audience

The most important thing is to know your audience, because, being aware of its preferences, you can provide it to them.

I once participated in a science and writing arts event in the UK called Trust. His premise is simple: take a random group of people (perhaps students, teachers or members of the public) and divide them into those who love and dislike science, who love and dislike art, and then work specifically with each group. So the organizers were able to better know their audience, and this helped them in the process of finding a common language with the guests. Try to learn in a similar way about the tastes of your friends and acquaintances.

When you are planning your next astronomical event related to an outreach event, make sure:

  • You know your audience well.
  • The newspaper editor or the radio host liked your news / article / story.
  • Make sure there is a highlight in the work that will hook new fans.
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