Pluto received new postage stamps

Pluto received new postage stamps

Twenty-five years ago, a postage stamp was issued proclaiming that Pluto was “not yet studied." Now the US Postal Service has officially fixed the inscription.

In 1991, the United States Postal Service (USPS) issued a stamp of 29 cents, recalling that Pluto is the last unexplored planet in the solar system.

Twenty five years later, Pluto lost its meaning of a full-fledged planet, but acquired a “visitor” and a new brand.

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft flew past Pluto and its satellites last July. For the first time, a spacecraft visited an object located behind the farthest planet of the solar system - Neptune.

"In 1991, the US Postal Service issued a stamp that became a real battle cry for those who really wanted to explore it," said Chief Operating Officer David Williams of the US Postal Service in a press release. On Tuesday, the USPS released two new marks called “Pluto — Explored!” And “Views on Our Planets” in honor of the New Horizons team and NASA’s ongoing mission to explore the outer part of the Solar System.

“We are grateful to the US Postal Service!” Said Jim Green, director of NASA Planetary Science.

"The 1991 label drew attention to some important, unfinished business in the exploration of the planets of our solar system," added Alan Stern, a leading scientist at the New Horizons mission. "I am very pleased that these new brands recognize the fact that Pluto was indeed explored ... and showed how complex and fascinating this world is."

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