SpaceX plans to launch the Falcon Heavy rocket a second time

SpaceX plans to launch the Falcon Heavy rocket a second time

Ilon Musk is faithful to his desire to make humanity an interplanetary view. Therefore, he continues to test technology and launch rockets into space. One of his achievements is the remarkable super-heavy Falcon Heavy rocket, which is about to take off a second time.

First Flight

For the first time the world watched its flight on February 6, 2018. It was an unusual mission, as Musk chose his own cherry-colored Tesla Roadster with a dummy-astronaut overboard as a payload. It was a vivid demonstration of the capabilities of the rocket, which successfully coped with the task.

It is important to note that at the time of launch it was the most powerful and lifting rocket in the world. Moreover, it is designed to reuse the first stage. Initially, they wanted to use it to transport people into space and to other planets, but later the concept changed. Now it will be used to deliver large cargo, such as massive satellites and interplanetary stations.

Its capabilities include exporting up to almost 64 tons of cargo to low Earth orbit and almost 27 tons to a geo-transfer. If sent to the flight path to Mars, the number is reduced to 16.8 tons. You can go to Pluto, but with 3.5 tons of materials.

When is the next launch?

SpaceX plans to launch the Falcon Heavy rocket a second time

SpaceX applied for the start of Falcon Heavy back in January 2019. They were oriented towards spring, and now it became known that representatives had decided on a date. It will be April, or more precisely, on April 7, 2019. If in the first flight they decided not to risk with precious cargo and simply attracted attention, then in a particular launch they are going to put into orbit a telecommunications satellite owned by Arabsat. It is known that this device is assembled in the Lockheed Martin corporation and in many ways surpasses both competitors and the own developments of the corporation.

In the first start, the central accelerator had to land on a special floating platform located in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. But he missed. Now they hope that in the new launch this will not happen again. It is important that all three rocket elements land without problems.

It is known that after the first failure, SpaceX engineers carefully checked the missiles and improved the configuration in the central accelerator. No more innovations were required.


Now the rocket is on the territory of the Space Center. John Kennedy (FL). Before the flight is expected to burn. If all goes well, the super heavy rocket will perform another launch for NASA in April. In any case, SpaceX managed to sign several contracts that cover the year 2020.

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