New robotic arm for space station

New robotic arm for space station

On October 5, astronauts went into space voyage to install a new hand on the ISS. The assignment was assigned to Randy Bresnik and Mark Hay. On Tuesday, they need to repeat the exit to lubricate the new mount.

The problem arose in August, when the fixation mechanism at one end of the 58-foot robot did not work. I had to replace it before the arrival of the earth delivery. Astronauts disconnected the old device and put a spare. New hand tested from the earth control point.

Meter arm is used to capture arriving vehicles. She is also able to move around the station and catch the necessary items. Engineers explain that the old mechanism functioned for 16 years and worn out (it was used almost 400 times). The fixation mechanism at the second end will be replaced in early 2018. For Hay, this was the first space walk and he became the 221st man in space. In the process, they admired the view of the Earth and managed to assemble an insulating cover from outdoor electronic equipment.

Now there are 6 crew members living on the ISS: 3 Americans, 2 Russians and Italian. On Wednesday, they celebrated the 60th anniversary of the launch of Sputnik.

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