How to buy a walk-behind tractor inexpensive, but good

How to buy a walk-behind tractor inexpensive, but good

This question does not leave indifferent practically any summer resident or farmer. After all, almost everyone who is involved in tillage wants to find a budget version of the motoblock for productive and intensive work in the garden or field. But due to the fact that agricultural technology is rich in assortment, you can simply get lost in the choice. Each of the brands can attract special technical characteristics or their appearance, to be more precise - compactness, dimensions, forms.

What brands are considered reliable, but not expensive?

They can be counted on the fingers: Forte (Forte), Weima (Weima), Centaur, DTZ. A separate brand would like to emphasize the TM Garden Scout (Garden Scout) motorblocks. They at first glance seem more expensive than the above listed brands of power tillers. But if you look from a different angle, it will be cheaper. Why? Everything is very simply explained. Only the Garden Scout tillers extend the warranty for 2 years, for others - only for 1 year. Therefore, if you make a rating of high-quality and inexpensive motoblocks in the first place will be Garden Scout motor-blocks.

Why it is worth buying the Garden Scout motor-block?

Technical advantages and functional parameters speak for themselves. American quality with modern technology and reliable Chinese components tested by time. The assembly of equipment takes place at the highest level, and always undergo pre-sales training. In the assembly using only high quality and durable metal. The entire line of tillers comes with a water cooling system for diesel fuel. What already says that difficult agrarian problems are solved quickly and simply without any complications. The most important advantage is a two-year guarantee for the provision of services. This technique can be compared with expensive motor-blocks. She is rich in equipment. Standardly includes a set of pochvofreza from 100 to 120 cm, depending on model.

Great demand, many satisfied people of farmers and farmers, as well as positive reviews will once again prove why it makes sense to buy garden scooter block products.

If you contact the official online store, you can get free delivery services to any corner of Ukraine. The Gardenshop company is the official representative of TM Garden Scout motor-blocks. Buying from unscrupulous sellers you can get caught on the “hook” and buy fake Scouts. Be carefull!

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