FADO will allow restoring galactic stories

FADO will allow restoring galactic stories

The Triangle Galaxy (M33), captured by the Very Large Telescope

FADO is a new tool that, with the help of emitted starlight and ionized gas, is able to recreate the history of the formation of the galaxy. For this involves genetic algorithms.

The name is taken from the Latin word “fatum” - fate. Everything has a history recorded in the electromagnetic spectrum, containing information about the fossil remains of stellar populations that were formed billions of years ago.

It is important to understand that deciphering the history of the star formation of a galaxy by spectrum is a difficult task. Innovation tool is the use of genetic algorithms that mimic the galactic evolution (as a living organism). It “multiplies” the genetic threads for the galaxy, each of which represents a set of parameters (like DNA) evolving through the exchange of “chromosomes”, mutations and selection effects. For the first time, the tool was able to combine genetic differential evolutionary optimization and algorithms of artificial intelligence. This allows you to achieve maximum accuracy and efficiency.

Previous models seriously suffer from inaccuracies, because they are guided only by starlight. But ionized light accounts for 50% of everything emitted by the galaxy.

FADO will be a breakthrough system for tools of a new generation, such as MOONS, and will allow you to trace the history of the origin of the galaxy to the earliest times.

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