Astronaut asks for lunar company to Mask and Maesawa

Astronaut asks for lunar company to Mask and Maesawa

Scott Kelly knows something about space travel

If Ilon Musk and Yusaku Maesawa want to include in their lunar trip a person who is endowed with a rich cosmic experience, then they already have a volunteer. NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, who retired, offered his own services and has already cleared the schedule for 2023.

SpaceX founder Ilon Musk announced on September 17 that Maesawa had bought all available seats on the BFR spacecraft for a flight around the moon scheduled for 2023. On Twitter, Kelly wrote to Maesave: “Good luck on your trip, and if you need someone with a little experience, have my services available in 2023.” The lunar mission can last 4-5 days, which would seem only an easy moment for Kelly, who spent 520 days in space, including the annual mission on the ISS. Kelly retired from NASA in 2016.

Maesawa copied Kelly's message, but so far he hasn’t answered anything. The Japanese billionaire entrepreneur plans to take with him a group of artists to the moon as part of the #dearMoon project. He is considered an ardent collector of works of art and hopes that this experience will inspire artists to create new works based on space adventures.

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