The earth is surrounded by an “empty garbage bag”

The earth is surrounded by an “empty garbage bag”

A huge amount of space debris revolves around the Earth, including non-operational satellites

A strange object orbiting the earth reminds astronomers of an empty trash bag. An unusual satellite orbits around the planet in an almost absurd ellipse, dropping 600 km from the surface, and then deviating at a distance of 538216 km (1.4 times the average Earth-Moon distance).

The observatory data in London shows that the object is a light piece of material left after the launch of the rocket. But, as he leads further, no one knows.

Oddities in orbit

The first object discovered by the Haleakala Observatory (ATLAS-HKO) in Hawaii. Its employees are searching for near-earth objects to warn about dangerous bodies that can affect the planet.

A specific object is not dangerous, but it behaves extremely strange. Got the name A10bMLz or “empty trash bag”. It is large enough to be noticed, but it also seems incredibly easy. The analysis showed that the width covers several meters, but by weight reaches less than 1 kg. Earth is surrounded

It is important to understand that this is not the first light object in Earth orbit. But it stands out for its strange behavior. No other such “garbage bag” could be found at a great distance from the orbit. And it is unlikely that its present trajectory should be perceived as permanent.

Its mass is so small, then solar photons are able to easily move an object. Therefore, the orbit will change in an unpredictable way. Moreover, in the coming months, he may even return to Earth and burn in the atmosphere.

The orbit of our planet is filled with space junk. NASA reports that about 500,000 individual debris circulate around, where 50,000 are considered the largest and tracked by the space agency and the US Department of Defense.

200-400 units of space debris enter the atmosphere, where most of them are burned. There is also an assumption that two clouds of cosmic dust (clouds of Kordylevsky) can rotate around the Earth.

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