Russia successfully launched 11 satellites

Russia successfully launched 11 satellites

The second start from the new Russian Vostochny cosmodrome ended in failure in November 2017, when engineers lost contact with the meteorological satellite after launch

On February 1, 2018, Russia successfully launched 11 satellites from the Vostochny space center. This is the third start from the new site and the first in 2018.

To launch, they used the Soyuz rocket, on board of which they placed 2 Earth observation satellites (the main payload) and 9 vehicles from Germany and the USA. During the mission, the upper stage of the rocket performed a complex sequence of operations, creating several orbits. Each stage passed without fail. Recall that the second launch from the Vostochny space center in November 2017 ended in failure. Then the connection was lost not only with two Russian satellites, but also the 18th from Canada, the USA, Germany, Japan, Norway and Sweden. As a problem pointed out an error in programming.

The launch on Thursday was originally planned for December 2017, but had to be postponed due to the November failure. At the end of December, the country lost contact with Angola’s first national telecommunications satellite, launched in Baikonur (Kazakhstan). A few days later the connection was restored.

The Vostochny space center began work in April 2016.

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