The heart of our galaxy

The heart of our galaxy

At first this frame resembles spilled red paint. However, before you a unique view of our home. This is the central plane of the Milky Way in the survey of the Planck satellite and the APEX radio telescope, located at an altitude of 5100 m in the Chilean Andes.

The picture was released in 2016 as the final result of the APEX survey, which represents the galactic plane visible from the southern hemisphere at submillimeter wavelengths (between the IR and radio wave electromagnetic spectrum).

Planck and APEX are an example of perfect collaboration. APEX looks best at small celestial areas, and Planck information is ideal for exploring celestial areas on a large scale.

The image captures many objects in the Milky Way. Bright pockets scattered along the plane reflect compact sources of submillimeter radiation: extremely cold, lumpy, dusty areas that can explain star formation processes and the principles of structuring the Universe. Sources include NGC 6334 (right bright point), NGC 6357 (left of NGC 6334), galactic core (center), M8 (bright band branching from plane to bottom left) and M20 (upper left corner).

Satellite Plank was launched on May 14, 2009, and the mission ended in October 2013. The telescope managed to get a lot of useful information. The main goal is to study the CMB, create a map of the sky and capture the exact galactic imprint.

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