Unique testing of the fundamental laws of physics

Unique testing of the fundamental laws of physics

This is the South Pillar in the star-forming region of the Carina Nebula. IR telescope managed to get into the dark cloud and find stellar embryos

A new study is set up to test our understanding of the functioning of space. His goal is to check whether the fundamental laws of physics are the same for the whole Universe. This time, the scientists tested the rules we were used to on the hot and dense atmosphere of a dying white dwarf.

Such objects reach half the Earth’s mass, compressed into the dimensions of the Earth’s radius. Scientists use light from white dwarfs observed in the Hubble telescope. They contain metals, like iron and nickel, floating inside the surface layers of the atmosphere. Light forms in the depths of the star, and then breaks through the metals and leaves characteristic prints. The small differences in wavelengths allow us to verify potential differences with the fundamental laws of physics that are characteristic of us. However, the study of traces requires accurate indicators of the wavelength or color of light. The new method is complex, but has already successfully proved himself in nine stars.

Research is important because it offers an amazing tool for cosmologists who can improve the understanding of the origin and evolution of the entire Universe. It is especially important to understand how the space outside our planet functions and according to what laws it lives.

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