View of the Moon and Earth from Mars

View of the Moon and Earth from Mars

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) is watching our homeworld from 127 million miles away.

Of course, there are better pictures of the Earth, but only a few opponents can take pictures from the neighboring planet in perspective.

On Friday, NASA released a composite image taken by the MRO, which is now exploring Mars in its orbit.

The engineers wanted to take a picture to calibrate a high-resolution camera and capture the near side of the moon.

The MRO camera took several frames of Earth and Moon November 20. Then the images are combined into a single image that conveys the correct dimensions and positions of the two objects relative to each other. “The reddish dot in the middle of the Earth represents Australia. South-East Asia (due to vegetation) near the upper part is another red area. Antarctica - a bright blob at the bottom left Other bright areas are clouds, ”says NASA.

In October 2007, the MRO already took a similar shot.

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