4 unusual facts about the Chinese project to search for extraterrestrial life

4 unusual facts about the Chinese project to search for extraterrestrial life

In February 2016, Chinese news agencies reported that the government evicted 9110 residents from rural areas in southwest Guizhou province. Why? All because of the aliens!

In 2016, the country completed the construction of the FAST project (a spherical radio telescope with a 500-meter aperture), which at the time of readiness was considered the largest radio telescope on Earth. Among the objectives of the project was the search for signs of extraterrestrial life in the universe. After all, radio telescopes are the main tool in SETI research. It is logical to assume that the creation of the largest radio telescope should increase the chances of finding aliens. However, there are several facts in this story that are worth making public.

4 unusual facts about the Chinese project to search for extraterrestrial life

Spherical radio telescope project with a 500-meter aperture (FAST)

Eviction of 9110 inhabitants

Yes, do not be surprised, but the Chinese government allows itself such actions. But it is surprising that they did not try to somehow hide this fact or smooth out the situation. Usually, officials do not give any public statements when they take steps that infringe the rights of their citizens. But in the specific case, China is not embarrassed by the need for forcible eviction of residents from their homes. Because…

This is a sign of China's new breakthrough in science and technology

China has long been considered a leader in terms of economic capacity and production skills. However, the country is only developing in the field of scientific and technical research. China is trying to change this and supplant Japan and most of Europe in an attempt to win a place as an influential player in the research community. Therefore, they invest in large projects like FAST.

But the rest of the world does not take them seriously, because ...

FAST - another strange Chinese project

4 unusual facts about the Chinese project to search for extraterrestrial life

The Chinese dream that their scientific and technical contributions are taken seriously. They intend to create robots, like Iron Man, and launch them into space. The country wants to create an engine operating on space junk, open a livestock cloning plant and sponsor a human head transplant.

The search for newcomers is a great job, but only if the country is engaged in other things that are useful to science. Although it is worth noting their achievements in terms of landing apparatus on the far side of the moon. But the main problem points to ...

Unreasoned decisions

Chinese officials say they are evicting a thousand people from homes located within a radius of 5 km from the telescope's installation site in order to create a sound electromagnetic environment that does not interfere with the operation of the instruments.

Such an action makes sense if a huge multitude of people with smartphones and laptops run around the telescope. But we are talking about Pintan County. This area is filled with mountain valleys and small villages. Villagers live a simple life. It seems that the government simply does not want a bunch of people hanging around a telescope worth 110 million dollars.

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