Atlantis found? A large asteroid could destroy the "mythical" city

Atlantis found? A large asteroid could destroy the

Proponents of conspiracy theories believe that they managed to find the lost city of Atlantis, which is in the ... Sahara! This mythical place is hunted from the very moment it was first described by the Greek philosopher Plato in 350 BC. er The Sahara thought came from the YouTube channel “Bright Insight”. The author believes that he found a place in the desert, which, according to the description, converges with the original history of Atlantis.

Not far from Wadan in central Mauritania is the geological formation of Richat, which is also called the “Eye of the Sahara”. It is believed that the round structure appeared after the fall of the asteroid, although there is no exact evidence.

Atlantis found? A large asteroid could destroy the

Eye of the Sahara

It is believed that it was the Greek leader Solon who conveyed information about Atlantis to Plato. He said that the city was destroyed in 11600 BC. er (in other sources - 9500 BC. e.). This is consistent with the theory of the late Dryas: the comet collided with the Earth, which led to the Ice Age. Such an event would lead to serious fluctuations in sea level, which in theory could flood the area in the Sahara. The diameter of the Sahara lake reaches 23.5 km, which converges with the description of the parameter of Atlantis (23.49 km). Plato wrote: “There were different zones of the sea and land surrounding each other. There were two lands and three waters. ” He also wrote about the mountain north of the city and recalled a large oblong plain in the south. The author of the video claims that even a cursory study of the topography of the desert region shows a high mountain range in the north and a large oval in the south.

Coincidence? Some are convinced that this theory has a right to exist and needs detailed research. Perhaps one day there will be a team of enthusiasts who will try to find traces of the ancient city in the desert.

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