No alien signals from a cigar-shaped asteroid

No alien signals from a cigar-shaped asteroid

Oumuamua artistic impression

Scientists report that they have not received any alien signals from the interstellar cigar-shaped cosmic rock found in October on the territory of our system. The object was named Oumuamua.

The fact that the body arrived to us from interstellar space, said its bizarre trajectory. It is pulled out at 400 m in length and 40 m in width (this has not yet been observed). After its discovery, the project “Breaking the Listening” was launched to find signs of extraterrestrial intelligence. Telescopes did not confirm the presence of any signals, but the analysis is still ongoing. Oumuamoua is a Hawaiian word for "messenger" or "intelligence officer." It is believed that the rock has been traveling in space for hundreds of millions or billions of years. This is the first detection of a “foreign” asteroid in our system.

Most likely, Oumuamua was pushed out of its native system at some chaotic event billions of years ago. Moves at a speed of 38.3 km / s.

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