7 new giant radio galaxies found

7 new giant radio galaxies found

Mexican scientists managed to fix 7 new large radio galaxies (GRG). They were noticed when visually scanning radio images from two shots.

GRG - radio galaxies, whose total design linear length reaches at least 3.3 million light years. These are rare objects that form in environments with low densities. GRGs are important for research because they allow us to consider the creation and evolution of radio sources.

The data was obtained at a frequency of 1-2 GHz on JVLA and 150 MHz in LOFAR, passing everything through Sky Survey. This led to the fixation of more than 2000 extended labels indicating the presence of large radio galaxies. As a result, they brought out 7 new GRGs.

7 new giant radio galaxies found

Before you are GRG J1301 + 5105. The cross marks the owner, and the straight line extends to 10.3 '

The largest representative is J1301 + 5105, stretching for 8.44 million light years, which is why it is becoming one of the largest giant radio galaxies. The first position covers J1420-0545 with a size of 16 million light years.

The smallest of the sevens is J0152 + 0015. Its predicted linear size reaches 3.35 million light years. The rest extends to 4.08 - 5.09 million light years. A new study shows that visual inspection brings positive results when searching for new GRGs.

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