Russian ship coped with cargo delivery to ISS

Russian ship coped with cargo delivery to ISS

In the photo of November 18, 2018, the Russian cargo spacecraft Progress 71 is approaching the orbital station. The picture was taken by a video camera on the ISS. The ship delivered 2.8 tons of payload

The automatic Russian cargo spacecraft arrived at the ISS on November 18, delivering 2.8 tons of useful supplies to the orbital laboratory. The ship Progress docked with the station at 2:28 pm (EST) at an altitude of 405 km above Algeria. Progress 71 went into orbit on November 16 from the Baikonur cosmodrome (Kazakhstan).

Russian cosmonaut Sergei Prokopiev (Expedition Flight Flight Engineer 57) carefully watched the flight of the spacecraft in order to take remote control if necessary. But the freighter worked flawlessly, joining the Russian part of the Zvezda module.

Progress delivered 2564 kg of food, fuel and other accessories for the crew. The transportation included 1300 kg of dry cargo, such as food and experimental equipment, 750 kg of propellant, 440 kg of water, 55 kg of oxygen and 24 kg of air. Successful launch of Progress prepared the ground for the launch of a new crew on the ISS. Recall that all launches with people on board had to be noted after a problem with the Soyuz FG missile that arose on October 11, when two cosmonauts had to perform an emergency landing. After a successful launch of the Progress ship, representatives of Roskosmos are confident that the Soyuz rocket is again ready for transportation. The scheduled flight is being prepared on December 3 with three new crew members.

The Progress ship just one day ahead of the arrival of the private cargo ship Cygnus, launched on the Antares rocket on November 17 from a site in Wallops (Virginia).

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