New Horizons are watching the mysterious object in the Kuiper Belt

New Horizons are watching the mysterious object in the Kuiper Belt

Although NASA’s New Horizons mission left Pluto long ago, the journey of the spacecraft did not end there.

In the above animation, made with the help of a spacecraft, you can see a mysterious object drifting in front of stars far from us. This area is called Kuiper Belt or CCD. It is the closest object we have ever seen before, and which is located in a distant region of the solar system.

After shooting Pluto with the help of a special system, on July 14, New Horizons dived right into the Kuiper Belt - area beyond the orbit of Pluto. It is, as is now known, filled with frozen garbage since the beginning of the formation of the solar system. On November 2, mission operators commanded the probe to look in the direction of the 1994 JR1, focusing and making a series of images every new hour. Although the JR1 object is located at a distance of 5, 3 billion km from the Sun, New Horizons was only at a distance of 280 million km from the destination point, which makes it the closest object of observation of the mysterious CCD.

This gave hope that New Horizons would have enough resources to continue their mission far beyond Pluto.

Following the recent adoption of minor course corrections, the spacecraft is now on its way to the newly discovered object of the BWC. So for now everything goes well. The device and scientists will do everything possible to penetrate as far as possible into the Kuiper Belt.

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