India launched a student-created satellite

India launched a student-created satellite

Indian PSLV rocket takes off from Shriharikot (Andhra Pradesh) with a microsatellite created by students

India launched a lightweight satellite created by students, thereby reinforcing the country's reputation in the field of miniature design technologies. The device is placed in the palm. This is a 10-centimeter satellite-cube, named Kalamsat V2. By weight reaches only 1.2 kg.

It was launched from the Space Center in Sriharikot (Andhra Pradesh) on January 24, for which students received praise from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. For launch used the launch vehicle PSLV.

The launch was another successful project for the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), which won the race for Mars in 2014, when one of the Indian spacecraft reached the Red Planet with a limited budget.

India is fighting for a large share of rapidly developing business in the field of commercial launches, because various companies (communications, telephone, Internet) are seeking to expand and improve the quality of services. Kalamsat V2 spent $ 16,900 on the creation of the satellite. The device will serve as a communication satellite for amateur radio programs used in non-commercial activities. In 2014, even a smaller satellite weighing only 64 grams, developed by the same group, was launched on NASA’s rocket, but it did not go into orbit.

The main payload served as a 740-pound Microsat-R. With it, it will turn out to get photos of our planet in high resolution for defense researchers.

India’s space technology is rapidly developing, especially considering 2017, when 104 satellites were launched in one mission at once. In addition, the country is perceived as an inexpensive option for space research.

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