Excellent launch for the world's largest rocket

Excellent launch for the world's largest rocket

The Falcon Heavy rocket is located on the 39A platform in the Kennedy Space Center (Florida) and is awaiting launch.

February 6 launched the world's most powerful rocket Falcon Heavy company SpaceX. This is the first test flight. On board was a Tesla cherry car, owned by Ilon Mask. Transport will go to the Martian orbit.

Shouts and shouts were heard at Cape Canaveral (Florida), when a massive rocket activated 27 engines and exploded into the blue sky on the same launch pad where the lunar missions started four decades ago.

On board was attended by car Ilona Mask, at the wheel of which sat a mannequin in a spacesuit. The webcast showed that Tesla went into space under the song “Space Oddity” by David Bowie. If the machine survives, it will be in Earth-Mars orbit around the star and will be able to fly a billion years.

Excellent launch for the world's largest rocket

On February 6, the Falcon Heavy rocket took off from the 39A site in the Kennedy Space Center (Florida)

In the car there are 3 cameras and storage with high amounts of data. They were loaded with a series of fantastic books from Isaac Asimov. Two minutes after the start, the two side accelerators separated and went to Earth to perform a vertical landing. Both landed in unison. The third accelerator was supposed to land on the ocean platform, but there is no information about its status yet. Experts believe that the launch will attract the attention of NASA, which can use Falcon Heavy to speed up plans to reach the moon.


Falcon Heavy started from the same site where Apollo missions were launched in the 1960s and 1970s.

In SpaceX they say that we face the most powerful operational rocket in the world. In terms of cargo volume, it bypasses Delta-4 twice, and all this at a significantly low price: $ 90 million versus $ 350 million.

But Falcon Heavy can not be called the first power rocket among the ever existed. The champion is still Saturn-V, which transported astronauts to the Moon and cargo into orbit.

In essence, the Falcon Heavy is 3 small Falcon 9 rockets held together to get 27 engines. Pulling on 70 meters, it transports 64 metric tons. Initially, it was created for the resumption of lunar and Martian missions, but plans moved. Now SpaceX is considering it for long-distance space travel.

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