Cassini made a new image of satellite Iapet

Cassini made a new image of satellite Iapet

Although all Saturn's moons have their own characteristics, Iapetus is probably the strangest in the family of Saturn's moons. In this photograph, Cassini captures a mountain range that extends around the equator, which is 6 miles high.

In an attempt to understand the composition of the strange coloring of the surface of Iapet, the spacecraft looked at a satellite about 1000 km in diameter for about a week last month. This image was taken on March 27, when Cassini was at a distance of 621,000 km.

“Some key formations can also be observed on the surface of the satellite,” according to NASA. “The large pool in the lower right part of the image is called“ Türgis. ”The other two craters, located just above the center of the image, are called“ Roland ”and“ Turpin ”."

This passage of Cassini allowed to improve the view of the bright terrain in the northern part of the Yapet region.

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