Japan plans to visit the moon

Japan plans to visit the moon

Japan announced its plan for the delivery of an astronaut to an earth satellite in 2030

It is possible that in 2030 the Japanese will be able to make the first step on the moon. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) announced its goal to send an astronaut beyond the limits of the ISS.

Their plan is to first join the NASA mission in 2025 and create a space station in lunar orbit. NASA needs this parking to carry out the idea of ​​a trip to Mars.

In Tokyo, they want to contribute in the form of equipment and become members of the new station. Already from there they will be able to send an astronaut to the surface of the satellite.

The plan was released this week, and a more detailed version will be provided next year.

In November, the Chinese ship Shenzhou-11 landed on Earth, bringing with it two astronauts. Beijing also plans to send a probe to Mars at the end of the decade. NASA is focused on delivering people to the Red Planet by 2030.

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