Black hole in the galactic center

Black hole in the galactic center

Scientists have received information about thousands of black holes living near the central part of the Milky Way. To search used the capabilities of the X-ray observatory NASA Chandra.

In the galactic center, you can find black holes of stellar mass, the usual massiveness of which reaches 5-30 solar. These newly discovered objects were found at a distance of 3 light years from the supermassive black hole Sagittarius A *.

An analysis of stellar dynamics showed that a large cluster of black holes of stellar mass (approximately 20,000) can move inward in eons and “accumulate” around Sagittarius A *.

The black hole itself remains invisible. However, if there is an object nearby, the hole will start feeding (it pulls out the gas). The material is on the disk and heats up to millions of degrees, because of which X-rays are released.

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