New cataclysmic variable found

New cataclysmic variable found

With the help of the MASTER mobile astronomical system, an international team of researchers has found a new eclipsing cataclysmic variable star. The object is designated MASTER OT J061451.70-272535.5.

Cataclysmic variables (CV) are binary star systems represented by a white dwarf and a regular star neighbor. They irregularly increase the brightness to a large extent, after which they return to a state of rest. Polar are a subclass of cataclysmic variables. Different from other CV due to the presence of a powerful magnetic field in white dwarfs.

New cataclysmic variable found

Field of view of ground-based instrument in equatorial coordinates J2000 for photometric data collected by MASTER OT J061451.70-272535.5 from SAAO

Until today, more than 140 polar ones have been found, but only 33 belong to eclipsing systems. So each new find is important for further studies of magnetic accretion in binary systems. Now, researchers at the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) report finding a new synchronized polar CV. The analysis showed that MASTER OT J061451.70-272535.5 eclipses with a period of 2.08 hours. The eclipse luminosity curve shows a kind of signature, since the initial failure is seen, when the brightness is reduced to 50% and again it gradually increases. Also recorded a further drop to 60-80%, which was accompanied by a gradual reduction to zero flow.

The researchers believe that the light curve with such characteristics is the result of an initial eclipse of the accretionary hot spot on a magnetic white dwarf. This is followed by an eclipse of both the hot spot and the partially illuminated stream by the neighboring red dwarf.

The radius of the white dwarf is 0.012 solar, and the mass is 0.5-0.86. The neighboring red dwarf is about 5 times smaller and 6 times less massive than the sun. The distance between the stars is 3.25 a. e. All indicates that it is synchronized polarity. Further research will allow a better understanding of the nature and evolutionary processes in MASTER OT J061451.70-272535.5.

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