How much does a meteorite cost

How much does a meteorite cost

We perceive the Earth as a self-sufficient planet. Many do not even think that there are other planets beyond its borders, as well as a huge amount of space debris that shares an orbit with us. Of course, periodically this leads to collisions.

Pluto was transferred to the status of dwarf planets, because the researchers found a huge variety of space objects resembling this world. In addition, there are about half a million known asteroids, most of which are in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Also in the Oort Cloud more than 4,000 comets are hiding (their number can reach billions).

The history of the Earth also reflects the history of collisions. Scientists suspect that water came to us on an asteroid or comet. Today hints of space debris (not to be confused with artificial in our orbit) can be seen in the bright meteor showers, where fragments burn in the earth's atmosphere.

How much does a meteorite cost

This meteorite was sold in 2016.

Most meteors disintegrate when they enter the Earth’s atmosphere. It is believed that every day 10-40 tons of star dust are in the atmospheric layer. In rare cases, the cosmic rock remains large enough to reach the surface as a meteorite. These are magnificent objects, reminiscent of a chaotic and vast universe. Therefore, these stones are highly valued at auctions. Often, asteroids are displayed at the Christie's auction house in London.

How much does a meteorite cost

This piece of meteorite exhibits a wonderful variety of minerals inside.

Meteorites show an incredible variety of shapes, sizes, colors and stories. Many have a serious scientific value. For example, Allende, who fell in 1969, holds material that is older than the solar system. This half pound block is sold at auction for $ 3100- $ 4500.

Some meteorites came from the Moon and Mars. This is known for chemical signatures that map these stones to samples collected on space flights. The analysis shows that more than 500 meteorites arrived from the moon.

How much does a meteorite cost

This piece of space junk caused the death of a Venezuelan cow.

Also in the collection is the only meteorite that caused death. In 1972, a Venezuelan farmer and doctor found a dead cow, which was hit by a cosmic stone in its neck. The farmer did not lose his head: he ate a cow, and a meteorite simply barred the front door. Several years passed and the researchers confirmed the extraterrestrial origin of the stone. The price of this sample reaches $ 6100-9000.

The most valuable stone at the auction is considered a giant meteorite weighing 1,433 pounds. He was found in 2005 in Kansas. He managed to keep the unusual shape of the dome.

How much does a meteorite cost

1433 pound Meteorite Branham

The catalog says:

The observed parabolic curvature was created at extremely high temperatures and is the most effective angle for the descent of the object. Therefore, NASA scientists studied this parabola when designing heat shields for the first manned space capsules. The smoothness of the surface is created by melting in the upper layers of the earth's atmosphere, where olivine crystals melt, exposing the nickel-iron matrix. Much of the meteorite evaporated during the descent of. ”

And continuation:

There is uncertainty about whether any Native American has seen Branham's meteor shower, but petroglyphs have been found nearby that hint at this. You can turn on some of the meteorite ornaments found, which means that the Native Americans were shocked by the wonderful extraterrestrial stones. ”

How much does a meteorite cost

Some meteorites acquire as abstract art. Of course, this increases the price.

If you do not have a million dollars or at least a couple of thousand to buy a rare meteorite, then do not rush to grieve. In the vastness of Internet auctions, you can find small space stones for as low as $ 0.50 per gram. There is also a thriving market for inexpensive meteor jewelery. Or you can go on an independent hunt. Most of all stones are found in the desert, where they stand out for their blackness against the background of white sand.

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