Hawking’s latest book strikes God out of the universe

Hawking’s latest book strikes God out of the universe

In a new book published posthumously, Stephen Hawking wrote that God cannot exist in our Universe.

From his desk at Cambridge University and beyond, Stephen Hawking managed to make amazing mental journey into the depths of black holes and infinite space. He rewind time for billions of years to get to the first breath of the universe. It was interesting for Hawking to understand where we came from, what a person’s goal is and whether we are alone in the Universe.

The last book, “Brief Answers to Big Questions,” published posthumously on October 16, includes a series of 10 essays that discuss the existence of God. Hawking replies: “I think that the Universe appeared spontaneously from nothing, according to the laws of science. If you understand that the laws of nature are fixed, then what is the role of God? ”

In life, Hawking remained committed to the Big Bang theory - the Universe emerged from a tiny dot less than an atom. From this spot arose all the material, energy and even the emptiness of space. Hawking and his like-minded people believe that the laws of gravity, relativity, quantum physics and some other rules can explain everything that happened and will happen in the Universe. “If you want to say that laws are the work of God, then it’s rather the definition of God, not proof of its existence,” he wrote. The universe operates on a scientifically controlled autopilot, so the only role of the omnipotent creation could be only in the introduction of initial conditions. That is, someone launched the Big Bang?

But Hawking writes: “Did God create the quantum laws that led to the Big Bang? I do not want to offend anyone, but science will have a more rational explanation than the powerful creator. ” His explanation begins with quantum mechanics, describing the behavior of subatomic particles. Protons and electrons appear from nowhere, collide, disappear and appear elsewhere. The universe was once the size of a subatomic particle, so it could also behave during the Big Bang.

Some will argue that perhaps God created this proton dimension, and then turned on the quantum mechanical switch. But Hawking does not agree and turns to the physics of black holes - destroyed stars that are so dense that even light cannot avoid their attraction. Black holes condense into a singularity. Here, gravity is so strong that it distorts time, light and space. That is, in the depths of the black holes of time does not exist at all! Since the universe also began as a singularity, time itself did not exist before the Big Bang. “You don’t need a reason for the existence of anything before the Big Bang, which means we don’t need a great creator either,” Hawking writes. It is important to note that Hawking never set out to engage in controversy with religious figures. He just wanted to explore the Universe and understand how everything works and where we come from.

“I'm not trying to select a miracle. You have a lifetime to appreciate the grand design of the universe. And for that, I am very grateful, ”Hawking wrote at the end of the first chapter.

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